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Fashion On Demand
 All of us are unique individuals.
Our faces and personalities are different. Similarly our body shapes and sizes are different as well. This said, won't you and your friend have bought clothes of the same size and shape from the clothes store? Despite our individuality and uniqueness, we are forced to purchase clothes of the same style and design off the rack.
 We at Digital Fashion Ltd. would like to take issue with this. Fashion culture since the beginning of time has never been able to produce one piece of clothing that is right for all of us.

Fashion can define us as individuals, and will be a way of expressing our individuality for evermore.

Typical Business Organization
1.MD,Planner→2.Textile industry, material makers →3.Apparel makers→4.Wholesalers, raders→5.Retailers
1.Planning support, information collection  2.Fabric characteristics, strength, tone 3.Planning support, design support, manufacturing support, sales support 4.Sales support 5.Sales promotion, customer support
Fashion Renaissance
New Industry Organization
Purchasing behaviour of the consumer changes
On your computer screen easily creating that one-of-a-kind garment, accessory, or makeup that makes you look your best.→Place the order →Yours to collect!
 This "Fashion On Demand " we are advocating starts when each individual correctly knows their own body shape. Let's try putting some garments on a three-dimensional model of your own body that is on the computer screen. We transform everything to match your specifications: the length of the sleeve, the height of the garment, the subtle turn of the collar, colours that suit you. Now let's wear these clothes on screen and watch them move. Come on, you can't tell us these clothes aren't taking you to new heights of style and grace.
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{Design/Template Creation} DressingSim BM
Follow the design to create a template.
Through a three-dimensional garment display, you can tell in real time whether or not the template is just as the design indicated.
{Fabric Material, Pattern Specification} DressingSim
Choose the fabric to be used from among those in the fabric database.
Choose the fabric to be used from among those in the fabric database.
{Checking its movement and how it looks} DressingSim
Dress a three-dimensional model and allow it to move around.
Through this simulation you can see if there are any areas that do not fit right and if it suits your style of beauty.
{Offering it to the client} HAOREBAMagic Mirror
Proposing a variety of the client's favourite items.
The client's preferences are recorded and items that match these criteria are suggested via the web, etc.
{Changing Specifications} DressingSim BM
The client changes some of the details in his or her specifications.
While trying on different items via the computer screen, the client can create garments unique to him or herself.
【{Production} DressingSim BM
Individual client data is transmitted to the fabric manufacturers and seamstresses.
The client may develop individual garments onto a template and then use the web to transmit this information along with fabric details.
{Purchase} HAOREBA
Purchasing is handled through individual makers.
Data from the client is gathered and individual preferences are also accumulated.
Based on client data, the finished garment is dispatched to the client.
{Management, Enjoyment} Digital Fashion Show
Clients enjoy and take care of their garments in their own home.
Clients can have fun coordinating and putting on a fashion show with their newly purchased goods.
 You can take that garment that is unique to you, instantly develop it onto a two-dimensional template, and then send this information through your computer to the fabric manufacturer and seamstress. Afterwards when it is completed and sent to your own home, this unique gem is yours and yours alone. Please then try the real thing on for yourself. Just as you saw on your computer screen,
there should be a wonderful new you with a one-of-a-kind garment completely unique to your specifications.
This is the format of Fashion On Demand as conceived by Digital Fashion Ltd. This Fashion On Demand is going on to reform the manufacturing and sales structure of the apparel industry. In other words through this digitalization we are taking the present day structure in which large volumes of clothes that can only be sold that season with the same design but different sizes are left for storage in warehouses, and eliminating the potential for risk and wastefulness by creating a system where large volumes of made-to-order clothes are still possible but without any risk or wastefulness in sales.
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