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OGM HOREBA digital fashion show
Digital Fashion Show
Clothes brought to life in the digital world.
Clothes brought to life in the digital world.
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About the digital fashion show
 The technology of DressingSim will make it possible to reveal the silhouettes and movements of a dress without actually wearing it. Additionally, by choosing the human model that will wear this dress and then setting its movements, that human figure can start moving and modelling the dress on your computer screen. Garments can be changed one after another, creating a veritable fashion show on your computer.
  This is the Digital Fashion Show as designed by Digital Fashion Ltd. Human models are replicated on the computer screen using a three-dimensional input device. By utilizing special motion-capture technology, the desired movements are accurately depicted on the screen. Then through creating the garment simulation images of DressingSim , a virtual fashion show can be gorgeously presented on your computer screen.
The advantages of the Digital Fashion Show
A fashion show can be held in a virtual world.
 Until now the way a designer presented new images was through two-dimensional design sketches. However, with this digital fashion show the fashion scene can be uniquely expressed through three-dimensional animation. Fantastic scenarios like garments made of water or even those made of clouds can be revealed. Designers can thus freely expand their new ideas and devote their time to new creations.
 One can only imagine the great effect this will have on actual clothing manufacturing as these non-conventional ideas continue to be visualized.
Design the fashion in 3D, lay it out in two dimensions and then produce it.
 At Digital Fashion Ltd. we are currently developing software that will develop a two-dimensional template from a three-dimensional clothing form design.
 Through an amalgamation of these various tools, images that are in the head of the designer can be easily given an actual form. In addition, people with no particular formal training in fashion-related areas can carry out fashion designs unique to their own tastes.
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