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About the Optical Gauging Mechanism-OGM

  The unique DressingSim technology, OGM, can be referred to as a fabric measuring device that measures the basic information for expressing the shadows achieved when light is cast over fabrics.


 The fabric to be measured is placed on a plate in the centre of the device. With the cloth just the size of a normal CD-ROM jacket or twelve centimetres square, this plate rotates vertically 360°.

There is also a light source (halogen lamp) fixed to one of the arms on the device. This light source shines onto the fabric from every surrounding angle.

There is a digital camera fixed to another arm. The images of the fabric taken at different light angles are saved page by page onto a control PC, and these are housed in a table along with the data of the different illuminating angles to create a database. This database that is created can be used whenever CG images are made using Maya.

A result of OGM rendering


These fabric shadows that are recorded through OGM provide a sumptuous expression to the fabric movements produced by DressingSim, creating very realistic and high quality simulation images.

OGM is not only used in fabrics, but for example also to measure sections of metallic paints for automobiles. It is possible to put the cars into movement in a simulation to see how these metallic finishes will end up appearing.

Please be aware that OGM 3 is planned for release this September 2003.

Click here to view a movie utilizing the Optical Gauging Mechanism-OGM
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