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OGM HOREBA Digital Fashion Show
 HAOREBA is a system in which fashion items that have been previously specified can be dressed onto a computer screen mannequin. Not only can it do the usual dressing actions like putting a jacket over a shirt, but also after all accessories have been applied it can turn you 360 degrees, providing accurate side and rear views.
360°img  In this system the camera records views for each item of clothing for a full 360 degrees, and is made possible through a special process in which the clothes look like they are being worn appropriately over one another on the computer screen.
 The uses for this system are limitless, including apparel makers constructing the system so that clients can try on items that are recommended by the makers before the start of the new fashion season. Also clients who themselves have purchased a database of fashion items can use the system to properly coordinate numerous outfits.
Learn the feel of HAOREBA
Example of system introduction
Take a look at the above link.
An RNA introduction example
OS Guaranteed to run on: Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP/MacOS 9, MacOS
CPU Recommendation: Pentium3 800Hz/PowerPC G3 500Mhz or above
GPU Recommendation: Graphics that can display in full colour mode
RAM Recommendation: Memory 256MB or above
HDD 40MB of available HDD space or more (depending on the data volume)
Other: The newest installation of FLASH player.
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  DRESSTA is a special studio for capturing on camera all of the items registered in the HAOREBA system. All of the items used for HAOREBA have been shot using DRESSTA. This DRESSTA currently uses in digital fashion a special device that can take pictures from all angles of a mannequin complete with clothing items. In total it takes about two minutes to completely film one item.

 If there is a particular item that you wish to see in the HAOREBA system, please send it along and a member of staff can perform the filming for you. The studio currently operates out of Osaka, but a Tokyo studio and a studio abroad are under consideration for the future.

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