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Below are some new sites making use of HAOREBA technology:

R.N.A Inc. 

  You can have fun coordinating outfits as you take your pick among sixty different items from the 2003 Spring/Summer collection, of course with 360° viewing capabilities!!  

* Flash Player 5 and above is necessary for this feature.


 Exclusively chosen among many applicants by a panel of judges, this showcases the works of six top designers.
You can coordinate your style utilizing HAOREBA technology.
(Opening 27 January, 2003)

Benetton Japan Co.Ltd.

 This has undergone yet another renewal (January, 2003).
This is the third instalment for the Benetton Japan Ltd. site using HAOREBA.
On this occasion particular attention has been paid to the condition of each image, successfully showcasing each fashion item even more beautifully!

Makeup Simulation is shown on the program "News Station".
  Makeup Simulation was aired in a June 2002 broadcast of "News Station", helping bring attention to further product development utilizing various forms of fashion technology. メイクアップシュミレーション画面
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