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Magic Mirror Fashion On Demand
Magic Mirror
 The Magic Mirror created by Digital Fashion Ltd. is a mirror of fantasy in which people looking into the magic mirror at anytime will see a reflection of themselves beautifully adorned in luxurious garments. The movements in the mirror of course match your own movements, with the silhouettes of the garments also moving in sync. You can continue to change outfits until you find the ones that look good on you. This is because the person changing clothes is merely your mirror self. The look you truly wish to achieve can appear in the mirror in the blink of an eye.
 We are attempting to make this magic mirror a reality on the computer screen. For example, if we attach a camera to the personal computer and then take that image captured on camera and display it on the computer screen, that computer screen has become in effect a mirror. When we put desired outfits onto this image and have the computer apply makeup in any way you desire,
We believe we can make this "Magic Mirror" a reality.
  We believe that the more beautiful you look when you see yourself in these fabulous garments and makeup the more you will want to know where you can get these fantastic goods. We cannot think of anything that would give us more joy than to see apparel and makeup manufacturers offering products that match the needs of each individual as they use our mirror to develop close ties with the client.

 The successful realization of the Magic Mirror will be the result of many advanced technologies: technology that simulates clothing moving in sync with human movements, technology where computers offer the most sought after fashions, technology that will apply exactly the right shade of lipstick when looking through the mirror. Everyday we at Digital Fashion Ltd. are tackling numerous issues and researching and developing even more advanced technology in our quest to make "Magic Mirror" a reality.
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