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At DFL, we are bringing about a fashion renaissance.
Company Outline Core Technology Recruitment Information
 With revolutionary IT and bio technologies to name just two, technology is truly seeing a level of maturity after entering the 21st century.
With high speed internet reaching all of us, we have come to expect a bigger quantity and higher quality of information exchange, to a point where this information can capture the most sensitive of human expressions and touch the lives of all of us.
Image  As the name indicates, Digital Fashion Ltd. uses clothing at its core to illustrate the beauty and function of fashion statements by taking the fabric and threads that make up the visual and structural entity of clothing and transforming these into digital information. Although it consists mainly of information processing by computer, DFL's previously unseen methods have crossed the boundary of ordinary information processing.

Our "DressingSim" technology transforms mere digital information into the beauty of fashion.

 Fashion is what we use to describe that moment when different people with different tastes select different garments and make them theirs. It is here that people's lives are interwoven with the things they wear, expressed in the flow and warmth, luxury and satisfaction that they feel on their skin.
Launched as an IT venture company…
 We took our digital technology into this competitive 21st century, challenging the world's top standards in "fashion statements via computer" and culminating in our DressingSim dynamic three-dimensional clothing simulator. With this technology at our core, we have begun as an IT venture company aiming to set the industry's global standards.
Business Targets…
 Our overall business plan is to target every conceivable angle of fashion. Through our high speed infrastructure combined with other design and manufacturing processes, we aim to contribute to society by bringing the "fashion as beauty" lifestyle to all of our clients, creating a feeling of luxurious satisfaction along with a new sense of self esteem.
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