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Magic Mirror Fashion On Demand
Company Concept  
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Magic Mirror Do you believe in magic? Fashion On DemandBringing fashion renaissance to life.
 "Magic Mirror", "Fashion On Demand", and "Digital Fashion Creators" are the three key phrases within the company concept of Digital Fashion Ltd.

 The "Magic Mirror" is the combined technological objective for our digital fashion engineers. Through a combination of image processing technology and simulation technology, the magic mirror illustrates in real time what you would look like moving around in various garments. Through the accumulation of advanced technological developments born of tireless research and development efforts within digital fashion to make the magic mirror a reality, we are creating a product to meet the needs of our clients.

"Fashion On Demand" is a business world that is being made a reality with digital fashion technology. We are building a completely new way of presenting fashion, a business model that has never been seen before. With our networking infrastructure, your desired fashions will be at your fingertips whenever and wherever you want them.

"Digital Fashion Creators" is a program that assists up and coming creators with knowledge of both the digital and fashion worlds. By participating in the Digital Fashion Creators program, you are given clothing simulation software developed by Digital Fashion, allowing you to create your own individual fashion show. At Digital Fashion Ltd. we do our best to nurture young talent to help bring about a prosperous future.

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