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Privacy Policy
Privacy Agreement
 Digital Fashion Ltd. (known hereafter as "the company") respects the privacy of clients and will work to preserve the secrecy of any client information. The company hopes that even better products and services may be provided to clients through their understanding of this privacy policy.
 In order to achieve this understanding of the policies concerning the privacy of a client's personal information, please read through the following agreement.
Why is a client's personal information collected?
 In order for the client to take full advantage of the company's products and services and to augment the choices available to them, a client's personal information is recorded. By utilizing such information the company can continue working toward improved customer service. Furthermore the company can also introduce new systems and provide other information on software updates directly to the client. The company appreciates the cooperation of the client as it utilizes such client information for continued market research in order to effectively realize the client's level of satisfaction and develop even better systems and products.
How is such client information gathered?
 The contact details, etc. of each client is received through customer purchases, registration through company service requests, client enquiries, and participation at seminars, and also through the client completing online questionnaires. Through these methods the company collects personal information from the client.
When Digital Fashion reveals a client's personal information
 A client's personal information is protected under the privacy policy of the company. Personal information may be shared between the company and its affiliated enterprises (e.g. the company's product sales representatives), however if any advertised information from the company or any of its sales representatives appears inappropriate, please contact
 There are occasions where personal information must be revealed if certain legal procedures deem this necessary. Information relating to clients may also be revealed if the publication of such information is judged to be beneficial to the well-being of the general public.
How is the client's personal information protected?
 The company physically and electronically guards the secrecy of the data passed on by the client in accordance with the information security rules of the company. The company recommends that each client using the internet should pay careful attention to the safeguarding of their own individual information.
Confirming a client's personal information
 The client may confirm the information shared with the company at any time. If a client wishes to confirm other aspects of their personal information that are in the company's possession, please contact
Collecting other types of personal information
 When a client looks at the company website for the first time, the website discerns the client’s browser through a particular number set using technology known as a cookie. Although the use of a cookie does not discern the personal information for each client, it does distinguish the client’s name with each subsequent visit to that website. Through utilizing cookies, the ompany can realize client likes and trends and aim to improve the quality of the existing website. The company absolutely does not acquire any personal information (including mail addresses) from any people simply perusing the website, allowing them to look through with complete anonymity (except in cases where browser software sends this information automatically).
 Within the electronic mail that the company sends to the client there is the “Click URL” option. Clicking on this URL passes the client through the company’s web server before arriving at his or her desired website. Using this“Click URL” option allows the company to understand the needs and interests of the client, improving the communication between client and
Our commitment to privacy protection within Digital Fashion Ltd.
 The company's website contains links to other related websites.
However, because no personal information for any client is shared with these linked sites, the company takes no responsibility for the protection of privacy within those other sites. The company recommends that each client refer to the privacy policies contained within the websites of these other links.
 When the company would like to use information for a purpose different than what was confirmed when the personal information was collected, it will let the client know of this through electronic mail based on his or her most recent information. If the company does not receive consent to contact the client, the company will respect this and not contact the client nor use the client information for any other purposes.
 The privacy policy of the company is updated accordingly. The company will check the privacy policy regularly to ensure that clients are informed about any changes.
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